Believe in the Lord

We are told in the Psalms and throughout scripture to believe in our GOD.
We are told not to fret about events around us and in our lives. Our Savior gives to us a peace that passes all the understanding of the old world.
With this peace we know that whatever happens in our lives our GOD will guide our paths. It may not always be clear to us but trusting in our Lord should give us comfort.
With our land sitting under the judgment of our Lord it will soon be harder for us to look toward our Savior, mostly because we will be asking why? Every thing around us is soon going to change and we need to know this and prepare for it.
If you do not have a relationship with Jesus I would recommend that you look into the idea of salvation.
Its written that how can we escape if we reject so great a salvatiob? I will tell you now that you wont.

Another day in paradise

Well I rolled into Winston-salem this afternoon ahead of an expected snow storm.  First in line to unload in the morning.

Hope to get out before the storm hits.

I thank the Lord for the safe trip down here.
Had an interesting experience last night with someone I thought of as a friend.
It seems this gentlemens journey to central America has been a tad bit stressful over the last few days.  I received a pm on facebook with this friend needing some money because if he didnt have it by today they would be evicted.
This man is a minister so I do understand the need for proper finances.
Well to make a long story longer, I wrote him back and said I could send some money friday, payday for most of us.
He answered back that I failed, that anyone could spare a dollar, that I was commanded in scripture to give, and he gave the verse which basically said not to withhold from those to whom it was due.

My intention is not to question his faith in Christ, my thought is why should he be “due” money that I work 70 hours a week for?
His website does have what I refer to as “good” information. I wouldn’t call it excellent as his articles mainly parrot information that has been online for some years. I do not know how many people he has led to the Lord, nor do I agree with all of his views. Yet he apparently feels he is due money that I have worked for.
My charity donations go to organizations which have a history of good works such as voice of the martyrs or to missionary organizations, also to local food banks; all of which never claimed my time and money was due to them.
I give as the Lord directs me to do and only to those organizations or groups which I can verify that they are not going to waste my investment into their works.

This man has left the US because he felt the Lord direct that away, on this we share a commonality; that being that this nation is under judgment. His bills were coming due and he was coming up short. That was the reason for his request for funds.
My thought was why send out a bulk email asking for help? If he was going to take the time to respond personally perhaps he should have sent personal emails with personal requests.

But alas, time passes and eternity marches on. Spilt milk is nothing to whine about and perhaps my perceived friendship was just an illusion or shadow of something.
The Lord will judge the integrity of my heart Him alone, it is to Him only that is ” due ” anything in my life and to those whom He burdens my human heart to donate to; and so far it hasn’t been to ole wotisname.

God Bless you and remember to continually Bless God.