Kentucky business owner told gay pride t-shirts trump his beliefs

Charlie Butts ( Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A t-shirt printer in Kentucky could be punished by a so-called human rights commission after refusing to print t-shirts for a homosexual group.

Hands on Originals owner Blaine Adamson was asked to print the shirts for the Lexington Pride Festival but declined. Instead, he found a printer willing to do the job and for the same price. But that wasn’t good enough – activists with the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization filed a complaint against Adamson before the commission, which is now expected to decide his fate.

Campbell, Jim (ADF)Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jim Campbell tells OneNewsNow that Adamson has completed t-shirt orders for gay customers in the past but simply disagreed with the event.

In a press release, ADF explained that a judge concluded that Adamson violated a City of Lexington ordinance that forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation. Now the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission will decide Adamson’s guilt or innocence, and decide punishment.

“No one in America should be forced to express messages they disagree with,” argues Campbell, comparing Adamson’s situation to a black business owner forced to promote the racist message of the Klu Klux Klan.

“Or how about if we force a supporter of same-sex marriage to promote the idea that marriage is the union of a man and a woman,” Campbell says.

At the original hearing this summer, a spokesman for the homosexual group, citing the city ordinance, said a homosexual printer in Lexington would be forced to take a t-shirt order from Westboro Baptist Church. The notorious Kansas church demonstrates with signs that read, “God hates fags” among other hateful slogans.

On its website, ADF included a 30-second audio clip of the gay activist discussing Westboro and the Lexington ordinance.

Adamson’s legal troubles mirror a movie produced by American Family Studios, “Accidental Activist,” about a t-shirt printer whose business is targeted by homosexuals after he signs a petition defending traditional marriage.

‘Black genocide’ by abortion needs pastors to speak out, says pro-lifer

A bit of social activism will soon take place in the streets to draw attention to black genocide.

Dr. Clenard Childress of the Life Education and Resource Network, or LEARN, says an average of 1,786 black children are killed every day by an abortion.

With that figure in mind, he says, the purpose of LEARN is to do more than just educating the public about black genocide.

“Also to point out the clear betrayal of our leadership and collaboration with the very entities that are decimating the African-American community,” he says, adding that it’s time for the black community to rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

“And protest and declare that the killing must stop,” he says.

The Say So Marches will be in the nation’s capital and also in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. That addresses lawmakers and the courts but LEARN also wants to educate pastors in traditionally black churches to preach against black genocide.

Childress calls that “key.”

“We’re called to preach, to proclaim,” he says, “and when we’re silent it is counted by the masses as compliant, and that we’re condoning what’s going on. And pastors have sinned by their silence.”

Dr. Childress also draws attention to the support of abortion by the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus, both of which receive money from pro-abortion groups.

Prof Brian Cox: ‘It’s naive to say that there’s no God’

Professor Brian Cox, the rock star turned scientist, is an unlikely defender of the faith. But in a Telegraph interview today, the physicist and distinguished supporter of the British Humanist Association said: “there is naivety in just saying there’s no God”.

Cox was speaking about his latest series, The Human Universe, which begins on BBC Two this evening. In it he asks questions about man’s existence: Why are we here? How did the universe make us? Are we alone? What is our future?

When Cox was asked how religion fits into his understanding of the Universe, he said: “It doesn’t at all. I honestly don’t think about religion until someone asks me about it.”

Cox explained that the reason for this is that science is about asking small questions, rather than grand theorising. The answers to big questions come “almost accidentally” he said.

Although Cox said that he believed there was scientific proof that there isn’t an afterlife, he added: “Philosophers would rightly point out that physicists making bland and sweeping statements is naive.

“There is naivety in just saying there’s no God; it’s b******s,” he said. “People have thought about this. People like Leibniz and Kant. They’re not idiots. So you’ve got to at least address that.”

Former bishop of Hong Kong: ‘We must fight now before it’s too late’

A former Catholic bishop of Hong Kong has warned of China’s growing influence and urged Christians to unite in the “fight” for democracy.

Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, who at 82 is one of the oldest campaigners to have joined the Occupy Central movement for democracy in the recent mobile-phone torchlit protests in the streets, warned that China’s influence is increasing “day by day”. He said Christians must be prepared to battle for their beliefs if religious freedom in the former British territory is not to become a thing of the past.

The cardinal, who served as bishop between 2002 and 2009 and has been active in the pro-democracy movement for decades, said: “Beijing are taking more and more control of Hong Kong, and going back on the promises of the constitution.

“All of these efforts, all of this courage to take risks and be ready to pay the price is because we are fighting for something very important. If [the Hong Kong leader is chosen by Beijing]…then he will surely do anything that the central authority commands.”

The Cardinal added that “the Communist party have no interest other than their own power, and they made whole people into slaves.”

The protestors are angry at the Chinese government’s insistence on screening political candidates to ensure their allegiance to the CCP.

It was hoped that open elections would be held in 2017, but a motion ruling against this was passed in August. Many locals believe this to contradict Beijing’s promise to one day allow Hong Kong “universal suffrage”.

Cardinal Zen spent days addressing the crowds, many of them students, and spent nights sleeping on the streets in the hopes of making the voice of the people of Hong Kong heard.
Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun speaking in London in 2006

“Beijing are taking more and more control of Hong Kong, and going back on the promises of the constitution,” he told Christian Today.

“All of these efforts, all of this courage to take risks and be ready to pay the price is because we are fighting for something very important. If [the Hong Kong leader is chosen by Beijing]…then he will surely do anything that the central authority commands.

“And [the CCP] are also corrupt, not only in the sense of bribery, but they also corrupt the culture, the way of life – people become materialistic, selfish, dishonest and ready to accept slavery,” he said.

“Everybody becomes desperate in their own field. This terrible culture is against what we have instilled here in Hong Kong in our education and in our schools. And in the long run, sooner or later – or very soon – we are going to become like in China, and that is terrible.”

Cardinal Zen, who was Shanghai born but moved to Hong Kong ahead of the CCP’s establishment in 1949, believes speaking out for democracy and freedom is a vital part of his Catholic faith, as well as his position in leadership.

“This is in the teaching of the church; the social teaching says that the participation of people is important,” he said.

“Because we care for human dignity, we are children of God and we can’t be made into slaves: that is the reason we must fight.”

This week the Occupy Central movement has appeared to be on the wane, with just a few hundred protestors – most of them students – remaining, and leaders said last night that they had agreed to hold talks with the government.

Cardinal Zen called on those still demonstrating to go home, but not to give up.

“At this moment, the students should retreat, because to retreat doesn’t mean to abandon the cause,” he explained.

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“We have made the point, and we may still make our demands but we must rest a little…There is no way to reason with people who are simply unreasonable; we have to gather and think about the next steps. I think at this moment, one important thing is that we must understand that this movement does not belong to the students anymore, and nor does it belong to the promoters of the Occupy Central movement, but it belongs to the whole people.

“There should be a wider consultation, a commission, and then our voice will be stronger and we can make plans,” he said.

“For the moment, the battle is going to be long and we must be wise.”

The Cardinal’s main concern remains freedom of religion in Hong Kong, which hangs in the balance as Beijing makes its bid for power clear.

“At this moment, they have already taken away from the Church our right to run our schools. The next step maybe is to demand heavy taxes from churches, and then it will be the same as China. It is not at all impossible, and we are to fight now before it’s too late,” he said.

“It’s very dangerous, every day Beijing increases its influence. It’s already too late maybe, but at least now finally the people have awakened – the whole people are with us.”

A Trojan horse that is nearly impossible to detect

Muslim terrorists love to deceive. During the last Israel-Hamas conflict, you had Hamas “soldiers” dressing up like women and firing rockets from inside of active hospitals and children’s schools. In Syria now, they are mixing in with the people that they have made war refugees and sneaking into various European countries with the plan of carrying out terror attacks once there. In America, they are coming in through Obama’s open door on the US – Mexico border, to carry out attacks here on our shores. That’s why Obama refuses to seal our border, he wants it to be open so we can aid the poor, impoverished “Mexicans”. Dark days indeed.

Islamic State militants are planning to insert operatives into Western Europe disguised as refugees, claim US intelligence sources, who unencrypted locked communications of the caliphate’s leadership. The militant organization is afraid of using aircraft due to strict security rules, so they use land as an alternative, the US sources told Bild Am Sonntag, a German national Sunday newspaper.

“In view of the chaotic conditions on the Syria-Turkey border, it is nearly impossible to catch ISIS-terrorists in the wave of refugees,” wrote Bild Am Sonntag.

Disguised as refugees from Syria, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) operatives will cross the border to Turkey. Then, using fake passports, they will travel further to European countries to conduct attacks.

Because hundreds of refugees cross the Syrian-Turkish border every day, the jihadists have a good chance of remaining unnoticed in the crowds.

Turkey is also used by jihadists who want to join the IS in Syria, as they don’t need a visa to get there. They go on ‘vacations’ as tourists and upon arrival have almost no trouble finding a way to cross the border.

According to one of Iraq’s foremost security experts with unique access to intelligence, at least 100,000 jihadists were fighting in the ranks of the IS in August.

There are some 15,000 foreign fighters from the IS in Syria alone, including 2,000 Westerners, a US intelligence official told AFP in September.

The Terrible Truth About Pot Finally Comes To Light

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 14:12

A definitive 20-year study into the effects of long-term cannabis use has demolished the argument that the drug is safe. Cannabis is highly addictive, causes mental health problems and opens the door to hard drugs, the study found.

The paper by Professor Wayne Hall, a drugs advisor to the World Health Organisation, builds a compelling case against those who deny the devastation cannabis wreaks on the brain. Professor Hall found:

One in six teenagers who regularly smoke the drug become dependent on it,
Cannabis doubles the risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia,
Cannabis users do worse at school. Heavy use in adolescence appears to impair intellectual development
One in ten adults who regularly smoke the drug become dependent on it and those who use it are more likely to go on to use harder drugs,
Driving after smoking cannabis doubles the risk of a car crash, a risk which increases substantially if the driver has also had a drink,
Smoking it while pregnant reduces the baby’s birth weight.

Last night Professor Hall, a professor of addiction policy at King’s College London, dismissed the views of those who say that cannabis is harmless.

‘If cannabis is not addictive then neither is heroin or alcohol,’ he said‘It is often harder to get people who are dependent on cannabis through withdrawal than for heroin – we just don’t know how to do it.’

Those who try to stop taking cannabis often suffer anxiety, insomnia, appetite disturbance and depression, he found. Even after treatment, less than half can stay off the drug for six months.