Where to go?

In my previous post I mentioned that it is time for Christians to leave the United States. In doing so I left the door wide open for people to peer through, probably scratching their heads.
I no sooner closed that window and opened another to one of the newswires that I check daily, that being zerohedge.com, all the while praying in my mind for a bit of wisdom when my eyes were drawn to an article on zerohedge which highlighted this website.


This site was built by expats and travellers, close to 200,000, who supply the data, which is then analyzed and posted.

Here you should be able to find a country which is suitable for your specific needs, income, healthcare, concern about crime, rent, costs, etc.

Another good site is http://www.noonsite.com. It is specifically designed to cater to cruisers and sailboats. In the tab listed as countries you will see a list of every country with a coastline, click on a country of interest and to the left is a list of information on that country. Immigration, formalities, restrictions, etc. There are also some points of contact.

I understand that the whole concept of Christians leaving the United States can and will be considered extreme by most mainline evangelicals and self professed leaders in the Christian community, but you need to realize, those are the ones who are going to be supporting the coming persecution.
Those so-called self proclaimed leaders are now the whitewashed tombs full of dead mens bones. They preach another gospel and refuse to preach Christ crucified, they corrupt the plan of salvation to tickle the ears of their congregations for the sake of unrighteous mammon or wealth.

They forget that when persecution arose in the book of Acts, in the early church, the faithful fled. They went to other cities and countries and took the gospel message abroad.
We are told by Peter to rejoice in our persecution, also throughout the New Testament we are told that we are to expect suffering, haterd, and even death for the sake of our faith in Jesus the Christ.

Nowhere though are we told to wait and to lay our head on the block.

So, dear reader, please seriously consider leaving the United States before its to late.

My plans are already in place.

May the Lord bless you with the wisdom to know the days in which we live.

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