The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Freedom is one of those attributes which our Creator has endowed us with. We all have this ability, whether human or angelic, this ability is something that proves our Father loves us. 

Freedom allows us to choose good or evil, knowledge and wisdom, or ignorance and foolishness. Freedom allows us the right to obey or to disobey, to act and react, to help heal or to cause harm. All of our lives, in all things we do, we are naturally endowed with this primary motivator called freedom.

The problem arises when we make freedom itself godlike, meaning we make our freedom a “holy right” instead of understanding it as a “natural right”.

GOD gave all freedom, it isn’t reserved soley for saints, but it exists for both saint and sinner alike to utilize as they see fit.

Freedom exists because GOD didn’t create automatrons, HE wanted HIS creation to have the ability to choose, whether they chose right or wrong HIS creation has the ability to direct their own future.

Does GOD restrict freedom? In a certain perspective yes, but in all honesty no.

In the minds of the selfish and ignorant, yes. Because they have chosen to make their own selfish desires number one in their lives and have no other inclination to look beyond themselves.

But to those who desire to put their Creators desires before their own, those people experience the true meaning of freedom. How? Because they exist with purpose and meaning, they have they ability to choose right over wrong, and they experience truly what love is. They exist in light and can see truth from lies, to those people freedom exists to follow their Creator, their Savior, their GOD. Freedom exists to do good, help, heal, care for others, to love their neighbor, etc.

Freedom is part of the natural order of existence GOD created. 

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