Following Jesus is Dangerous in Iran

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Following Jesus is a Dangerous Choice in Iran + +

Esther and her husband and their young son recently had to flee their home country of Iran after being arrested for following Jesus.

In Iran, it’s illegal to convert from Islam to Christianity and the moment Esther said yes to Jesus, she also said yes to a difficult life. She and other Christians would meet in homes to worship together as going to church was too risky. Despite doing their best to be careful, Esther and her husband were eventually arrested along with others as they were gathering in a home.

After a month of intermittent questioning, Esther and her husband were given a way to avoid going to jail and not being able to see their son. During one interrogation, they were asked to sign a document announcing they would deny their Christian faith and return to Islam. “It was a new experience for me,” Esther says, “because I have to choose… But I choose Jesus.” After this, in order to avoid jail, they had to go into exile in Turkey.

Life for Iranian refugees living in Turkey is still a difficult path however. It’s tough to find work, there’s a new language to learn, refugees must check in to nearby police stations regularly, and they’re often treated as second-class citizens. But despite all this Esther and her husband say it is worth it to follow Jesus.

Please pray Esther and her family will experience a strong hope in the Lord and power of His might.

Pray their hearts would be comforted and their faith would continue to grow.

Pray they would be able to make a living and have a stable place to live.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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