Home is Destroyed and Family in Hiding in Bangladesh

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We just received an urgent prayer request from our Open Doors partners in Bangladesh. The home of two Christians, Nasima Begam and Azgar Ali, was tragically destroyed after midnight on January 20th. A group of people—including their neighbor—showed up on their property with sickles and shouted, “Drive the Christians away!” and “We will kill you right now!”

Sadly, Nasima and Azgar’s neighbor has been threatening them since their decision to convert and follow Jesus about 10 years ago. “He threatened to kill us if we do not renounce our faith in Christ and return to Islam,” says Nasima. However, not only did Nasima and Azgar refuse to renounce their faith in Jesus, but they also reached out to others with the good news. As a result, a church was born near their home where believers gather to worship God.

Unfortunately, now Nasima and Azgar are in hiding along with their young children. Where their house once stood, corn is now planted in an effort to keep them from returning. The neighbor and group also ransacked the church—destroying Bibles, worship song books and other Christian materials.

Open Doors partners report that they are afraid this situation may cause some in the community to return to Islam.

Please pray for the protection of Nasim, Azgar and their family, and the other believers in the community.

Pray for these believers to stand firm in their faith and depend on God.

Pray that God gives local Christians wisdom on how to handle this situation.

Pray the authorities and police will take steps to protect Nasima and Azgar’s rights.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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