Crackdown on Believers Continue in Northwest China

In China, the government continues to assert more and more control over religious expression. They are particularly harsh toward minority groups, such as the Muslim Uyghur people, while also cracking down on Christians.

In Northwest China, which is home to more than 10 million ethnic Muslim Uyghurs, more than 500,000 Uyghurs (mostly men) are being held in re-education camps, including some Christians who have converted from Islam. In these facilities, items from several religions—such as Bibles or Islamic clothing—are prohibited. Daily propaganda classes are conducted in an attempt to “cleanse Uyghur minds.”

Thankfully, the Christians among the Uyghurs have a special chance to witness as they are persecuted alongside Muslims. For Muslims, Allah is often seen as being distant and impersonal, and their persecution part of his will for them. Our Christian brothers and sisters, on the other hand, trust that the Spirit of Jesus dwells with them and experience His closeness. Although they face extra persecution in being both Uyghurs and Christians, they often function as the “salt” in these scenarios, preserving hope and joy, as well as freedom from fear and bitterness.

Please pray for all Christian Uyghurs in China, for those in the camps as well as those at home. Pray for God’s power and love to sustain them.

Pray that Jesus reveals Himself to Muslim Uyghurs when they cry out in their time of need.

Pray that Muslim Uyghurs’ lives are touched by the unconditional love and witness of the Christian Uyghurs around them.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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