Pray for Widow and Children of Murdered Christian in Libya

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We recently received news of a Christian believer named Golibe* who was murdered while rushing another wounded Christian man to the hospital in Libya. During their journey, the men were stopped at a checkpoint. Golibe got into a verbal argument with one of the soldiers there. While the wounded Christian man survived, reports suggest the soldier pointed his gun at Golibe’s head and shot him without any hesitation.

Golibe was a married father of eight children.

Sadly, the situation for other Christians in equally difficult. An armed conflict started in Libya—which is #4 on the World Watch List—at the beginning of April, which aims to take control over the country’s capital of Tripoli. The conflict has already caused several civilian casualties because of shelling and aerial bombardments. Because of the intense fighting, tens of thousands of Libyans have fled their houses and have been displaced to other regions.

Pray for the widow of Golibe and his eight children and that the expat-church in Libya continues to be able to support her.

Please pray Golibe’s widow and her children will be comforted by the Lord. Pray they have strength to be able to forgive Golibe’s murderer whose family has asked for forgiveness.

Pray that the violence in the country will end without further casualties and that stability will come to the country.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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