UPDATE: Continued Prayer Needed for Eritrea and Sudan

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Friends, we just received word that another 31 Christians have been arrested in Eritrea—this time from Godife, an area in the south of Asmara. No further details are available at this time. However, the arrest does suggest the situation for Christians in Eritrea is intensifying as 141 Christians were taken from the Mai Temenai area about a week earlier.Please remain in prayer for all those taken. Pray that they will experience the Lord’s peace and courage at this time.Pray for wisdom as they interact with the authorities and for grace to be a clear testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ at this time. Meanwhile, we are thankful to report that under the current circumstances the church in Sudan is doing fine. So far during the revolution and riots, there have been no targeted attacks against them. However, the atmosphere remains tense, complicating travel and making churches work harder. There is also concern about increasing pressure on negotiators to incorporate Sharia Law into the transition. The church in Sudan is calling on Christians around the world to join them in prayer for their country. They ask that we pray:For God’s intervention in the situation in Sudan, including the need for good leaders for the people. “There are many mature Muslims and Christians who can be good leaders of our country,” one source commented.That the current political change will result in equal treatment of Christians as Sudanese citizens in all sphere of life, including justice, education and politics. Pray especially that Christians will come to have representation in Parliament.That the revolution will not be hijacked by Islamic extremists, but that justice and peace will prevail for the people of Sudan. *Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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