Pray Christ is Revealed During Ramadan

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As we are in the last week of Ramadan, please continue to pray with believers who often face increased persecution during this Muslim holy month and also for seeking Muslims to find the one true God.

Ramadan is often a time that can put even more pressures on secret Christ-followers as they spend time with family, friends and their community. It is also a time where those who follow Jesus stand out even more than usual as their communities observe the Muslim holy month.

At the same time, Ramadan is a unique time for seeking Muslims to encounter Christ as they seek God. There are many stories of Muslims coming to Christ during Ramadan as faithful Christians share—often at great risk to themselves—their stories of encountering Christ.

As the Body of Christ, Ramadan gives us the opportunity to intercede and pray for the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims—asking Jesus to reveal Himself to seeking Muslims.

We can also stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world in prayer—asking God to protect and bless them.

And we can pray against attacks from Islamic extremists who often use Ramadan as an opportunity to call their followers to violence.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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