’bout a Month & a Half

Seems time gets away from ya easier now since everything has gone haywire. Hospital visits, surgery, recup, new clothes; then riots, mandated fear, families being torn apart, rising crime, car getting shot at, and on it goes.

Time isn’t slowing for me or anyone, we just lose a sense of time when events cause a sensory overload.

Slowing down the mental processing of everything can give one a recalibrated outlook on their perspective of time. Relaxing, refocusing on the important things in our lives can work wonders with all the bitterness & hatred out here around us.

Praying to & trusting in the only one truly in charge of everything, that being GOD Himself, knowing HIM through the Son, Jesus the Christ. That’s what brought me back to the sense of reality in which we exist within this wicked and sinful world.

Understanding the fact that as believers we are part of something greater than ourselves, this bringing some kind of relief, knowing whatever hardships we may experience, it’s all part of HIS plan for our lives.

People claiming to be Christian are getting caught up in the travails surrounding their lives. Since this so-called pandemic media & governments have continually bombarded everyone with fear. Now fear & panic, on top of the bitterness & anger are cresting as a large wave engulfing a coastline, crashing against and destroying everything in its way.

Faith is under attack in America, some may disagree but regardless, churches are shut down across the country because of advertising fear. Congregants are separated, fearing meeting others because of advertised fear. Aninus has grown in the hearts and minds of the unsaved to the level that, to them, all former things need a violent end and something new needs to emerge from the ashes of the old.

As the world waits in anticipation time continues, life, death, four seasons, the sun, moon, clouds all continue as do we.

Pray the Lord opens the hearts & minds of those in your circle of influence. Pray the Spirit will convict them of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment; then maybe you’ll lead them to faith in Jesus.

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