Pray for Peace as Nigerian Elections Approach

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Friends, please continue to pray for Nigeria as the country prepares for presidential elections on February 16. Nigerians are hungry for peace and stability, but no one feels safe.

Just weeks before the elections, President Buhari—who is seeking a second term in office—thrust the country into a constitutional crisis when he suspended the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Nkanu Samuel Onnoghen. Chief Justice Onnoghen, who is a southern Christian, is now facing charges of allegedly failing to declare his assets.

Because disputes over elections sometimes reach the Supreme Court, Buhari is facing criticism for his decision, with many pointing out that his action against the Chief Justice is unlawful. Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki said Buhari cannot act alone in a process that involves all three arms of government. The Nigerian Bar Association called his actions against Onnoghen an “attempted coup against the Nigerian judiciary” and directed its members to boycott courts across the country in protest.

Atiku Abubakar, Buhari’s top election opponent, agreed the suspension is illegal and stated, “This act of desperation is geared towards affecting the outcome of the 2019 presidential elections.”

The U.S. and European Union added that Buhari’s actions could undermine the credibility of the vote and could incur repercussions, including visa restrictions, for election interference and election related violence.

Please pray for the country as the race to the elections continues.

Pray the armed forces will be able to maintain peace and that people will be able to vote in peace.

Pray for calm amid the storm surrounding the suspension of Chief Justice Onnoghen and the appointment of Justice Muhammed in the interim. Pray that justice will prevail in this matter.

Pray for Christians to be able to live out clear testimonies during the time leading up to the elections.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

Censorship Continues

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In any case, bans like this are worrying because they set dangerous precedents for internet censorship. Patreon’s treatment of Benjamin and Yiannopoulos has shown that you can now be punished by one platform for what you say on another. And you can also be punished for what others say and do, even when you distance yourself from them.

The ‘Patreon purge’, as it has become known, has rightly angered many of its high-profile users, like Sam Harris, and a huge numbers of customers too, many of whom have vowed to boycott the service. YouTuber Dave Rubin and author Jordan Peterson are working to set up alternative crowdfunding platforms to circumvent the Silicon Valley oligopoly.

Asia Bibi: Pakistan’s Judicial Betrayal

The joy over the acquittal of Asia Bibi lasted barely 24 hours. The Christian mother of five from Pakistan was forced to spend eight years in prison, much of the time on death row, ostensibly for “blasphemy,” before the Supreme Court cleared her of any offense.

“I can’t believe what I am hearing, will I go out now? Will they let me out, really?”, Asia Bibi said by phone after the historic sentence, according to AFP news agency.

Unfortunately, massive street protests by extremist Muslims immediately erupted to pressure the government to delay her release. The phone network in some areas was suspended for reasons of “security”. Rioting caused schools in Islamabad, Punjab and Kashmir to close. Roads were blocked, paralyzing parts of Islamabad, Lahore and other cities. Christian schools warned parents to come and get their children for fear of violence. Churches were put on high alert. Protesters hold placards that read: “Hang Asia Bibi“.

“There will be a war if they send Asia out of country,” warned Khadim Hussain Rizvi, leader of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), an Islamist party that supports blasphemy laws.

Threats by vigilante mobs who called for her death and warned of national unrest evidently worked. Pakistan’s government, after saying it would begin the process of preventing Asia Bibi from leaving the country, has now been accused of signing her “death warrant“.

The government apparently succumbed to pressure and signed an agreement giving in to many of the demands of Tehreek-e-Labbaik. Pakistan’s government also promised not to oppose a legal petition to reverse Asia Bibi’s release, and to put her name on the “exit control list” (ELC), a no-fly list, to prevent her from leaving the country.

“Placing Asia Bibi on the ECL is like signing her death warrant”, said Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association.

The agreement,” tweeted analyst Mosharraf Zaidi, “was a “historic capitulation“.

“It’s almost certain that Bibi will not be able to live in the country after her acquittal”, the famous Pakistani novelist Mohammed Hanif wrote in The New York Times.

“[B]arring her from leaving the country grants tacit permission to Tehreek-i-Labaik to hunt her down and murder her,” wrote Robert Spencer, a human rights activist and author of 18 books that include New York Times bestsellers.

Asia Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih, just applied for asylum in the United States, Canada and England. “I am requesting the Prime Minister of the UK help us and as far as possible grant us freedom”, he said. “I am requesting the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to help us exit from Pakistan”, he added. That is why the pact between the Islamists and the government is seen as a betrayal. “The agreement has sent a shiver down my spine”, Masih said. “The current situation is very dangerous for us. We have no security and are hiding here and there, frequently changing our location”.

Meanwhile, Asia Bibi’s fate remains “uncertain“.

Read the full story from Gatestone Institute.

Asia Bibi’s family: ‘We no longer have anything to eat’

They are pleading to be allowed to leave Pakistan

With Asia Bibi and her family fearing for their lives, her husband has called on the international community to help them leave the country.

Speaking to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, Ashiq Masih described how the family is still living in secret following calls for his wife to be killed after she was acquitted of blasphemy last Wednesday (31st October).

He said: “Help us get out of Pakistan. We are extremely worried because our lives are in danger. We no longer have even anything to eat, because we cannot leave the house to buy food.”

Violent protests organised by Islamist political movement Tehreek-e-Labbaik following Asia Bibi’s acquittal forced the family to remain in hiding.

In order to end the protests, Pakistan’s government agreed a deal which allowed Tehreek-e-Labbaik to begin proceedings to have Asia Bibi put on the “exit control list” to prevent her leaving the country.

The government also pledged not to object to any review of her appeal verdict.

Asia Bibi is still in prison, despite Supreme Court judges ordering her release when her sentence was overturned.

Mr Masih called for the media and the international community to continue to focus on his wife’s case: “As it is precisely this attention that has kept Asia alive to date.”

Referring to ACN events where the family has spoken about their situation, including the lighting up of the Colosseum this February, Mr Masih said: “I thank Aid to the Church in Need in particular for giving us the opportunity to speak to the world.”

Saif ul-Malook, Asia Bibi’s defence lawyer, left Pakistan due to security concerns and is now in the Netherlands. He intends to organise a press conference later this week.

Following a call to the governments of the UK, US and Canada last weekend asking them to offer asylum to the family, Mr Masih also appealed to the Italian government to offer them sanctuary.

He said: “I appeal to the Italian Government to help my family and me get out of Pakistan”.

The family has also requested asylum in Spain and France. They are hoping that all of Asia Bibi’s children will be granted asylum.

Story is here.

Where to go?

In my previous post I mentioned that it is time for Christians to leave the United States. In doing so I left the door wide open for people to peer through, probably scratching their heads.
I no sooner closed that window and opened another to one of the newswires that I check daily, that being, all the while praying in my mind for a bit of wisdom when my eyes were drawn to an article on zerohedge which highlighted this website.

This site was built by expats and travellers, close to 200,000, who supply the data, which is then analyzed and posted.

Here you should be able to find a country which is suitable for your specific needs, income, healthcare, concern about crime, rent, costs, etc.

Another good site is It is specifically designed to cater to cruisers and sailboats. In the tab listed as countries you will see a list of every country with a coastline, click on a country of interest and to the left is a list of information on that country. Immigration, formalities, restrictions, etc. There are also some points of contact.

I understand that the whole concept of Christians leaving the United States can and will be considered extreme by most mainline evangelicals and self professed leaders in the Christian community, but you need to realize, those are the ones who are going to be supporting the coming persecution.
Those so-called self proclaimed leaders are now the whitewashed tombs full of dead mens bones. They preach another gospel and refuse to preach Christ crucified, they corrupt the plan of salvation to tickle the ears of their congregations for the sake of unrighteous mammon or wealth.

They forget that when persecution arose in the book of Acts, in the early church, the faithful fled. They went to other cities and countries and took the gospel message abroad.
We are told by Peter to rejoice in our persecution, also throughout the New Testament we are told that we are to expect suffering, haterd, and even death for the sake of our faith in Jesus the Christ.

Nowhere though are we told to wait and to lay our head on the block.

So, dear reader, please seriously consider leaving the United States before its to late.

My plans are already in place.

May the Lord bless you with the wisdom to know the days in which we live.